Tour No 01: Colombo City Discovery Tour (duration about 4 hours)

Pettah Street Scene14

Colombo is one of those cities you need to experience to understand. The culture is fascinating, and this Colombo tour will give you a great insight into local life here.

Colombo Old Town Hall

Our Colombo city tour begins with The Fort, which got its name from the former Dutch and British military garrisons. We meander through this significant site, visiting the inner city’s best sights – the Chatham Street’s Clock Tower (the oldest clock tower in Asia), the old arcades and shop-houses, the prominent red Cargil’s building, and St. Peter’s Church.

Pettah Tuk-Tuk


Then, we add a little excitement into the mix. From the Grand Oriental, the oldest hotel in Colombo, we hop in a tuk-tuk, one of the locals’ favourite method of transportation, for a ride to the Pettah, famous for its open-air markets and bazaars.

Pettah Scissor Grinder

Pettah is a multi-ethnic area with Hindu temples, a mosque, and the famous Wolfendaal Church. Built in 1749, it is Colombo’s oldest functioning church, and Pettah is still the busiest shopping bazaar in Colombo. You will get a taste of old Ceylon, including the hustle and bustle of street life. Its many criss-crossing roads mark out sections which specialise in various trades.

Pettah Street Scene

At Gabo’s Lane, one finds many shops trading in Ayurvedic herbal medicines, the traditional form of medicine in Sri Lanka. We visit Main Street and Sea Street where you’ll be enchanted by the vibrant activities and typical local street food on offer. The atmosphere in the Pettah is extraordinary, as are the characters that you may meet there.

Galle Face Shower

After visiting Pettah we head back to the Fort, and visit at the Galle Face Green. This promenade, which borders the sea, is the longest open-air stretch in the city and had a previous life as a golf course. Now it is a lively centre of relaxation, especially in the evening, where it plays host to beautiful sunsets. Here, you’ll find a large variety of mobile food and beverage stalls with very spicy local dishes, especially curries, and milk-teas and refreshing king coconut juice. We enjoy a stroll along the Galle Face Green before heading back to the Dutch Hospital area or your Colombo hotel, where your Colombo tour will draw to a close.

Colombo Fruitstall


Colombo Market

Prices per person per tour:
For 1 person alone                                                              USD  57.00
For 1 person with 2 person participating                      USD  29.00
For 1 person with 3 till 5 participants                            USD  24.00
For children up to 12 years 50% reduction on adult prices