Tour No 06: Day Tour from Colombo to Kandy

Kandy Temple

Our driver/guide will pick you up early in the morning at your centrally located Colombo hotel or at the entrance of the Dutch Hospital area in the centre of the Colombo. You will leave the city and drive along a busy highway into the interior of the island, past paddy fields, palm groves and coconut plantations.

Elephant Bath 2

In Pinnewela you visit the elephant orphanage, where about seventy elephants are well looked after, mostly young animals that have been found throughout the country sick and abandoned by their herd and brought to Pinnewela. If you are lucky, you can watch the feeding or the daily bath in the river of the jumbos. After this visit the road begins to ascend gradually and you will enjoys a beautiful panoramic view of the central highland with its hills and mountains. At noon you reach, the old royal city of Kandy, situated at 500 m, beautifully nestled between green hills. At its very centre lies a small artificial lake and the palace of the last Singhalese king which has become a temple and the holiest shrine in Sri Lanka, where the tooth relic of Lord Buddha is highly venerated.

Kandy Bot. Gardens
You will pay a visit to this holy shrine. You can have lunch at your own cost at a local hotel or restaurant. In the afternoon the world famous Botanical Garden Peradeniya is the next object of your visit. The park dates back to 1371 under the reign of king Vikrama Bahu III when he held court here. The English put the cornerstone of the present garden in 1821. During the Second World War the garden served as headquarters of Earl Mount-batten, the supreme commander of the allied forces in Southeast Asia who became later the last Viceroy of India. You will find in the garden a very large variety of orchids, spice trees, palms, bushes, as well as tropical plants and flowers of all type.

After this visit you return to Colombo and the coast; on the way along the road you will see paddy fields, coconut groves, rubber and spice gardens and plantations. You will stop at one of the spice gardens where you can see a lot of trees, bushes and plants cropping spices. You will arrive in Colombo in the evening.

As the operator pays the same entrance fees as the guests, it is advantageous that the guests pay these fees direct on the spot.

Total distance about 280 km

Prices per person per tour:
For 1 person alone                                                USD  120.00
For 1 person with 2 person participating         USD    60.00
For 1 person with 3 persons participating       USD   40.00
For 1 person with 4 or more participating       USD   35.00

For children up to 12 years 50% reduction on adult prices